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FFMC License Charges

Explore FFMC License Charges in India, Get Full Fledge Money Changer License Cost and Expense Across India.

We Provide Complete Consultancy of FFMC License Across All State of India. Get Fees Schedule Now

Searching About FFMC License Fees?

Full Fledge Money Charger License (RBI FFMC License) Consultancy Fees

We are charging consultancy Fees for FFMC License as Follows

  1. South Zone : Rs. 180,000/-
  2. North Zone : Rs. 90,000/-
  3. West Zone : Rs. 90,000/-
  4. East Zone : Rs. 180,000/-
  5. Other (Rest of India : Rs. 90,000/-)

Fees Including All Consultancy and Drafting Etc.


Company Registration (Incorporation of Private Limited Company with PAN, TAN, Bank Account, MSME, DINx2, DSCx2, MoA, AoA, INC-20A, etc) : Rs. 10,000/- (Stamp Duty as per Authorized Capital not included)